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Eat Elite, LLC

Bailey Gianacakos MS RDN LDN CSSD

Sports Nutrition 


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Are you looking to improve athletic performance and training? 

Are you interested in learning more about your predicted energy and macronutrient needs? 

Are you curious about your fluid and electrolyte requirements? 

Are you recovering from, or actively trying to prevent an injury? 

Do you have questions about dietary supplements and how they may impact performance and health? 


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are in the right place!  Bailey Gianacakos is a Registered Dietitian who helps athletes improve training and performance through the use of whole foods.  Visit the services page to learn more. 

The Marathon Prep Program 


Are you running a marathon this year? 

The Marathon Prep Program is designed to provide nutrition support for those running a marathon or ultra-marathon.  This package includes...

  • One, 60-minute initial assessment 

  • Two, 30-minute follow up appointments 

  • Individualized race day fueling plan

  • Fluid and electrolyte assessment

  • Supplement recommendations 

How Does Nutrition Impact Endurance Training? 

Increases Energy Levels 

Enhances Muscle Recovery 

Reduces Inflammation 

Decreases Risk of Injury 

Improves Athletic Performance 

Please contact for pricing and availability 


The heat and humidity are increasing quickly in the Chicagoland area - make sure you and your athletes are informed about proper hydration strategies.

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